Manage Industrial Relations

Topics: Discrimination, Trade union, Australian labour law Pages: 39 (9730 words) Published: August 31, 2010
Table of contents
1.1.3Methods of Investigation2
2Visy Industries Overview3 Vision Statement3 Mission Statement3
2.1.3Gepps Cross plant overview3
2.1.4Crew 14
2.1.5Crew 24
3Best Practice of IR policy / procedures / workplace activities4 3.1EEO4
3.1.1Other relevant legalisation5
3.1.2Paid Paternal Leave Scheme5
3.2Fair Work Act 20095
3.2.1Collective bargaining6
3.3OHS Policy and procedures7
3.4Disability Discrimination Act 19927
4Implementing Policies and procedures7
4.1.1Cost Benefit Analysis8
5Risk analysis9
6Induction Process11
6.1Communication and Consultation11
6.3.1Areas of concern13
6.3.2Organisational commitments13
6.3.3Employee benefits14
6.3.4Employer benefits14
6.3.5In house training14
6.3.6External training14
7Industrial conflict and Dispute management15
7.1.1Conflict resolution skills15
7.1.2Grievance procedures17
7.1.3Legal requirements18
7.1.4Grievance resolution strategies18
7.2Negotiation process18
7.2.2Initial demands19
8Keeping IR policies and procedures update20
8.1Resources for the Industrial Relations21
8.2Reviewing the current EBA and establishing new policies22 9Conclusion24


I Mark meegan am a senior manager of Human Resources and Employee Relations with Visy Industries Head Office in Melbourne. I have worked at the Visy board Gepps Cross plant in Adelaide, South Australia for a period of 5 years on the floor. I worked as a stereoman, feeder and stacker on most of the emba’s including the Gopfert and Emba 245.

I started from the bottom and worked my way to the top. I am currently studying a Diploma of Management and have completed a certificate 4 in Frontline Management.

1 Purpose

I am going review and analyse the strategic, operational plan and the Industrial relations of the organisation as a whole. Currently Visy Industries has over 1500 workers in various plants and offices in Australia.

I will also discuss Human Resources planning and Collective bargaining agreements including employee and employer’s perspectives and union involvement. This is very important for state and federal legalisation are to be followed avoid penalties, conflicts and industrial strikes.

Industrial relations can improve staff morale, effective working relationship between staff and management, and increase production and quality. I will conduct a swot analysis to determine the current system’s effectiveness and make improvements.

I feel that Visy Industries could improve its Industrial relations for workers and provide more than just entitlements but better workplace relations with staff.

2 Scope

Currently Visy Industries complies with Collective bargaining and use Enterprise Bargaining Agreements. The Industrial relations are between workers who are union representatives of each plant, management and Human resources managers and Australian Manufacturing Workers Union. All the agreements are in the best interest of the organisation’s function, objectives and vision and workers award rates and entitlements.

The problem with the collective bargaining agreements in the organisation are that they do not entirely benefit workers and improve staff morale. Also that they are not entirely aware of that they have rights in implementing EBA’s in their workplace,

Management are following most the requirements of the Fair work act but do not review the strategic planning, workforce planning with the Industrial relations of the organisation. As a result, management and Human Resources do not provide the best Industrial relations for...

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