Trade Union and Industrial Relations

Topics: Trade union, Collective bargaining, Employment Pages: 4 (737 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Dunlop’s model of an industrial relations system has been summarized as having four interrelated elements: (1) Actors (2) Contexts (3) Ideology and (4) Rules. Use this summary to explain Dunlop’s model of industrial relations.

OR (B)
Summarize the contributions of ANY THREE (3) of these contributors to Theory in Industrial Relations: (a) John Dunlop (b) Alan Flanders (c) Alan Fox (d) H. A. Clegg In Salamon’s Industrial Relations: Theory and Practice, he discusses the Unitary, Pluralistic and Radical Perspectives. Explain each of these three perspectives. In your explanations, highlight the differences in their meaning.

Outline a Grievance Procedure (of either 4 or 5 or 6 steps) for a unionized company, explaining the activity at each step.
(i) Discuss the importance of trust-building in labour- management relations. (ii) Explain what management and trade unions can do to build the level of trust in the workplace.
Explain in some detail how industrial relations legislation has influenced the conduct of industrial relations in Trinidad and Tobago.
OR (B)
Discuss the impact of the State (Government) on the conduct of industrial relations under the headings (a) Government as employer and (b) Government as regulator of industrial relations activity.
Explain the differences between ANY THREE (3) of these pairs of concepts in the context of industrial relations:
(a) Conciliation and Arbitration
(b) Individualism and Collectivism
(c) Fairness and Equity
(d) Power and Authority
(e) Voluntarism and Legal regulation of labour-management relations (f) Interest Disputes and Rights Disputes
(g) Integrity and Trust
(h) Distributive and Integrative Collective Bargaining
Explain in some detail the key factors that led to the development of trade unions in Trinidad and Tobago.
The content of collective bargaining is always changing. Discuss FOUR (4) New Issues in Collective Bargaining in the Caribbean region.
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