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Manage Quality Customer Service
Marketing Loyalty Program
Assessment Details:
The marketing department has sent out emails publishing the loyalty program for the Hotel Futura chain. The response has been excellent and you as the Marketing Manager want to define more closely the new customer expectations. You will design a strategy for this and your team must address the following: * A tool that will gain detailed information on the needs, expectations and satisfaction levels of customers * A communication strategy that allows staff involved in service provision to contribute to maximise the outcome * An outline of how the outcome will be incorporated into service delivery within the hotel, including SOP’s for staff.


1.0 Hotel Futura’s Mission Statement
2.0 Introduction – Managing Customer Service
3.0 Feed Back Tool – Customer Evaluation Questionnaire
4.0 Communication Strategy
4.1 Developing an Effective Feedback Tool – Discussion 4.2 Implementing the Feedback Tool
4.3 Manager’s Role in Developing Effective Communication Techniques
5.0 Service Delivery

5.2 Feedback Tool – Procedures for Positive Feedback 5.3 Feedback Tool – Procedures for Negative Feedback
6.0 Conclusion
7.0 Appendix
7.1 Feedback tool ( Customer Evaluation Questionnaire) 7.2 Agenda for all staff meeting
7.3 Minutes for all staff meeting
7.4 Agenda for meeting with Head of Departments
7.5 Minutes for meeting with Head of Departments
7.6 Memo Service Delivery of Feedback Tool- Training Session


To provide our customers with a unique and world class experience. We will achieve this:
* By ensuring that our customers needs and expectations are our highest priority

* By investing in our team members and strengthening their knowledge and capabilities

* To strengthen the loyalty of our customers by providing consistent quality service

2.0 Introduction- Managing Customer Service

‘’Customer Service is a function of how well an organisation is able to constantly and consistently exceed the needs of the customer.”’

This report outlines the process of designing a Feedback Tool that will investigate the quality of the customer service provided by Hotel Futura to its customers. After researching the needs and expectations of Hotel Futura’s customers through this Feedback Tool, the Hotel staff will be able to identify compliments, areas of concern and complaints that need attention and improvement. Communication strategies will then be implemented by the Hotel Management that will improve the overall quality of the Hotel’s customer service. Strategies such as meetings, role plays and other communication activities will then be used so that the staff can work on ways to develop their strengths as a team, reduce the number of customer complaints and generally improve their delivery of customer service.

3.0 Feedback Tool – (Customer Evaluation Questionnaire)
There are a number of ways that a hotel can obtain feedback from its customers – personal feedback and observation, mystery shoppers, compliments and complaints and customer evaluation questionnaires. The purpose of the Feedback Tool is to collect relevant information about the level of customer satisfaction. After that an effective communication strategy will be implemented to improve and develop the staff’s ability to engage efficiently and effectively with the hotel’s customers. It is the manager’s role to ensure that his/her staff are as competent and skilled as possible. In an all staff meeting it was decided that the most effective feedback tool to use is the Customer Evaluation Questionnaire because not only does it highlight compliments, complaints and areas of customer service that may need to be improved but if it is well constructed it will identify where customers first...
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