Malcolm X Learning To Read Analysis

Topics: Writing, Essay, Creative writing, Paper, Learning, High school / Pages: 2 (281 words) / Published: Feb 7th, 2016
A Challenge I Overcame

After reading Malcolm x’s “Learning to Read” essay, I remember when I overcame my challenge through hard work and sticking to my Goal. It was when I first came to America I was in 6th grade. I didn’t really know English very well at that time, so it was hard for me to read and comprehend certain things taught

I couldn’t communicate very well with people because I would doubt myself wondering if I said the right thing. I would stutter, and it made me scared of public speaking. I didn’t really knew how to write a properly, or how to use punctuations and grammar. so I asked my teachers to help me to write better and learn more vocabulary, I would get tested on vocabulary, and ask for help when I needed them

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