Malala Interview

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Malala Interview
Malala, a young brave patriotic girl, is now a worldwide sensation. Because Malala was so famous, the Taliban were afraid of her and they shot her in the head. Why would anyone shoot her in the head? The reason she was shot in the head was because Malala fought in what she believed in by using words, not violence. She is known for her activism for woman school rights. When I saw her talking in an interview, immediately I was inspired on what she did.

Normally, teens take school for granted. Some American teens joke around about dropping out of school. Malala NEEDS school and would do anything to have it. What she did inspires me because if I was her I would never do what she did.

Now I am more serious about my education and future college plans. I study more and try to absorb everything I can into my brain in school. When I think about how much I hate school, I suddenly remember about Malala and now I realize school is very important. Now, I don’t take school for granted. Instead, I recognize it as a gift and how lucky I am to have the life I have now.

In the future, I want to study politics and peace so I can help others just like Malala. I want to be able to help other people who don’t have school to be in one. Starting from this day, I will try to organize a group who can donate money for those poor people in the Middle East. She was named Malala for a reason. Her name means poet and warrior and I cannot find a better name that suits her. I want to give Malala a thank you. Thank you for the inspiration you gave us all by being a free-thinker, as much of a warrior as your name. Although you didn’t win the Noble Peace Prize, you still have changed the world. You have inspired many including me and many to come.
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