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Make extra money (make money fast without a job)
Peddle your knowledge and services on

Seek out yield:
Average yield for the MSCI EAFE index of overseas stocks is 3.03% compared to 2.12% for the S&P 500. Stash some of your extra cash in the SPDR S&P Int’l Dividend ETF.

Buy a REIT fund:
Some aren’t taxed if they pass 90% of taxable income on to investors, so yields are higher than dividend funds. Don’t invest more than 5%-10% of your portfolio.

Invest in a mutual fund for more yield and more risk.

Lend idle cash that’s sitting at the bank on a peer-to-peer lending site like or where yields can top 13%. Seek borrowers with 800+ credit scores and spread your money around.

Leverage your expertise into a part-time teaching position at a local college. Higher-ed courses tend to pay from $1,000 to $6,000 according to (a Masters Degree may be required). Check out and and the websites of local schools. Not all jobs are posted, so send a resume and cover letter to the relevant department head.

Be a landlord
Turn extra space into an income. Contact your homeowners association.

Monetize a hobby
Referee a high school game, make jewelry and sell at craft shows. Check out the competition and check out prices.

The highest pay will be for things that nobody likes to do, like cleaning bathroom tubs and toilets. The least amount of pay will be for the easiest stuff, like cleaning windows.

Many older people have problems with certain chores and heavy work, like running a vacuum cleaner. Check with your church or other groups. Ask your parents if they know any old people. Ask your neighbors if there are any chores you could do in an hour.

Mow lawns and trim trees and weed flower beds.

Collect cans and bottles.

run errands

handyman repairs

paint homes and fences inside and outside

house sit when we're out of town

help cater an event

"rent" out table linens, crystal, china and silver service

sell things on ebay that you or others have just sitting around

If you have chickens, sell the eggs

grow citrus and avocado and sell those at a roadside stand

Sell your old clothes on craigslist, make sure to include pictures


Two of the best online resources for information on antiques are (paid service) and

Jobs for youngsters:


#question-answer forum:


#Review products:
etutor hub
tutor next
etutor world

Here are the list of work from home projects:

1. Fiverr - Fiverr is one of the most popular online jobs providing websites on the internet where thousands of active users (workers) complete projects for small business owners. Small business owners pay the job seekers for competing their project. If you...
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