Major vs. Minor

Topics: Molière, Tartuffe, Protagonist Pages: 2 (883 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Major vs. Minor

If there were no interaction or conflict between the major and minor characters most stories would not be worth reading fiction or nonfiction. Most people like drama that is why there are a lot dramatic show on television now because they will get massive numbers of viewers. There was plenty of dramatic interaction between the characters in some of the works we read; actually the ones that I liked were the dramatic ones. The drama is like an action film you can wait to see what is going to be blown up next. I am going to start off with what to me was the most dramatic and that is “Bewitched” by Ueda Akinari. The major character was Toyo-o and the minor characters were his family and his devil possessed stalker girlfriend. Toyo-o was so guarded by his family and was never really held accountable for anything they just let him do what he chose was best for him, while none of these things were negative he still put most of the burden of the family on the older brother by being this way. Being guarded made him easy to be fooled by the beautiful woman. Toyo-o was keen on studying and art he had the slighted interest in the family business. He just wanted to be as cultured as he could be his father was fine with him potentially becoming a priest or something of that nature. Everyone around Toyo-o believe him to be this young man with his head in the clouds and when he ran into trouble they just moved him away from it on more than one occasion in the story. So that was all he knew was to run away from his problems, but once he faced his problem he was able to take care of it himself which I felt was the highlight of the entire piece of work. The next dramatic was Tartuffe by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere this piece came in second only because Tartuffe simply had two people of the entire character list fool they were Orgon and his mother Madame Pernelle. The major character in the play is Orgon the minor characters were the family members and...
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