Major Depression

Topics: Major depressive disorder, Mental disorder, Seasonal affective disorder Pages: 4 (1216 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Major Depression2
Many individuals are faced with challenging times throughout their lifetime. Although a Psychological disorder like Major Depression can profoundly alter both your state of mind and your body. Major Depression is one of the most complex psychological disorders out there, which is why it is crucial that people are aware of the characteristics and proper treatments. Major depression is characterized under the category of a “mood disorder” that has a harmful effect on a person’s quality of life, for quite an extended period of time. Major depression also known as a Clinical Depression is the most severe form of depression that affects millions of people a year. This disorder is defined as a depressed mood that is sudden and seems to either be severe for the circumstances or exists without an external cause for sadness, (Pearson, 2011). A person who suffers from this disorder must have a dramatic loss of interest in things that would have normally have brought them pleasure for a period of at least two weeks, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition (DSM-IV). Major Depression may be described as feeling sad, unhappy or miserable. Many people may feel these symptoms at one point in their life for a short period. However, individuals that suffer from depression usually feel this way most of every day and tend to develop a pessimistic and a negative view of themselves and the world surrounding them. They cannot imagine that any problem can be solved in a positive way. Major depression continues to remain a global public health problem despite the availability of many treatments options out there because many individuals suffering may not chose to get treated for three reasons: People often do not comprehend the symptoms and signs of depression, want to acknowledge that they have suffer from depression due to stigma and cultural beliefs or know how to get access to community resources to allow...
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