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1) Historian Frederick Jackson Turner's "frontier thesis" saw the frontier as the key to understanding American History. Conforming to the above essay question guidelines, elaborate on Turner's belief that the American character was largely determined by the existence of a frontier. Do you agree or disagree with Turner? Explain why. The beginning of the American Frontier History began with, “The Significance of the Frontier in American History" was a writing by an American historian Frederick Jackson Turner. I would like to think that this essay refined the Frontier Thesis of American history. This essay was presented in a meeting of the the American Historical Association at the World's Columbian Exposition on July 12, 1893, in Chicago, Illinois. This was later published in Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, followed in the Annual Report of the American Historical Association publications. This essay has been revised, reprinted, and anthologized many times, and was integrated into Turner's 1921 book, The Frontier in American History.  The thesis of the Frontier was looked at as a symbol of American’s culture. The speech “The Significance of the Frontier in American History" was look at like a foundation paved for future Americans to compare theories that hadn’t even come about yet with history questioning. Turner’s view on the American character was shaped around the views of the thesis of the frontier. National identity comes into play also with this speech as a attribute of and American should be. Turner exclaims how American history was drilled by the frontier and blaming that on why Americans are the way they are in today’s society. Surprisingly this thesis has been respected by many people in the historian community because Turner makes great emphasis on the expansion to the American West was the largest change that America would ever see in their culture. Some attentiveness was pointed out about the hidden or distorted partaker of the American Frontier such as women, African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans with the explanation of “The New West”. Also the concentration on the analysis of the array of lands and peoples that formed the society was looked at while Turner collected his data. Progress of city life mixed with primitive economic and political change of the frontier was the results of the expansion to the west. It was looked at as a meeting point between savagery and evolution through a pushed census of every settled being. This is where all European colonization is dropped and Americanization is formed through the Native Americans and the colonist. I agree with some parts of the thoughts about the frontier because it shows the tracks of leaving the old European ways behind and picking up new ways for the production of American civilization. The frontier did begin in the Atlantic coast but moved westward becoming more American and having many signs of the frontier characteristics. This was an expansion that was forced upon the people of the United States to grow through intelligence and plain old existence. This lead to so many opportunities from breaking bondage to lessons learned through society. All in all Turner believed that if America didn’t expand through area then we would have never flourished the way that we had then to how life is today. Even though there was many obstacles to overcome and concur through the migration to the west Americans strived to show their worthiness through making a stand and stepping out of their comfort zones.

2) "Progressive social thought included a number of disturbing ingredients; an assurance of moral and intellectual superiority, an exaggerated confidence in the social applications of science, an uncritical acceptance of the use of state power to coerce individual behavior, that all too readily could turn repressive and destructive." Based on your understanding of the Progressive Era, and conforming to...
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