Major Concerns of Ethical Issues

Topics: Business ethics, Ethics, Morality Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: July 14, 2012
Major Concerns of Ethical Issues
Ethical issues are a growing concern among major corporations today. Balancing corporate policy, law and consumers can become difficult when working with countries that have a different set of rules, regulations, policies and moral standards. Ethical issues are a major concern in organizations because it can ruin a good working and profitable working partnership with other organizations or clientele. Other concerns they have are being knowledgeable about the laws, states, federal and city. If not, they could be open for lawsuits. Having unethical business practices will come to light and people will realize that the company and its employees can no longer be trusted. The services the organizations provide will be seen or known as unreliable. Unethical behavior will eventually isolate that particular corporation from the community. Criminal acts of securities fraud, conspiracy, insider trading, and falsifying business records have become very highly publicized. Executives from corporations that commit these crimes are held accountable at a high standard. When some leaders of organizations see this, it becomes a major concern to be ethical or unethical. Individual Influences

There are influences that can impact ethical behavior, internal and external. In any given organization, there are ethical codes verbal or nonverbal. Stealing someone’s lunch out of the company’s shared refrigerator would be considered a nonverbal ethical code. This silent code can deter one from this unethical action. That is just something you just don’t do. The Culture of the organization is another influence that can impact ethical behavior. If the leadership is following the codes of conduct established for the company, the employees will follow suit. It makes a difference when leadership is seen following the ethic code of conducts. The size of the organization as well as the way the organizational is structured will also have an...

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