Ethical Issues

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (574 words) Published: June 17, 2008
Ethical issues:

1)Ethical issues and society:

The selling of addictive product such as tobacco, cigarettes.

Most people think that the selling of such harmful products is unethical. However, there are also some people think otherwise.

The pros defend their point of view based on the fact that such products enhance their pleasure and reduce their stress. (Ex: cigarettes help reducing stress at work for people who have to work long hours) On the other hands, the cons are against it because of the fact that these products are harmful to health. (Ex: cigarettes cause cancer not only for smokers but also for second hand smokers).

-Government should prohibit smoking at public areas such as restaurants, offices, bars... and strictly punish violators. Explain: By making “the prohibition of smoking in public places a law”, the government can protect the health of community and the environment as well since it greatly reduces the risks of being affected for people who don’t smoke. Therefore, this practice is ethical. -Raise the taxes for cigarettes

Explain: This practice is ethical because it discourages the buying of cigarettes. People who realize that they shouldn’t waste a lot of money in buying cigarettes can eventually quit smoking. By doing so they can protect themselves and their family.

2)Ethical issue in business practice:

In legal perspective using bribery to secure a contract (especially a contract with public sector body) is against the law and penalties will result.

However, people who support this practice argue that it is a victimless crime and rationalize in the term “if we don’t do it, others will”

Strictly enforce severe punishments for the practice of bribery applying to everyone in any cases.

In my point of view, bribery is illegal no matter in whatever situation. Those people who don’t have money will never have a fair chance for themselves no matter how capable they are...
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