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Commission correspondence is “internal” or “external.” Internal correspondence is defined as formal or informal communication that occurs entirely within the commission (including former members and ex-officios). External correspondence is formal or informal communication to anyone outside the commission. Examples of each type of correspondence appear below. Internal Correspondence:

Informal: E-mails to commission listservs, or e-mail correspondence within committees/teams. No review is necessary for these types of communications. Examples:
Meeting reminders
Sending draft documents for review
Sending agendas
Formal: Letters on commission letterhead. Review is required: Examples:
New member appointment letters or welcome letters
Mentor/protégé letters
Termination lettersExternal Correspondence:
Informal: E-mails pertaining to commission business, internal or external to the University. No review is necessary for these types of communications. However, collaboration with the commission liaison is advisable. Examples:

Contacts with facility coordinators re: organizing events
Contacts with vendors re: promotional items
Formal: Communications including, but limited to, the bulleted items listed below. Review is required. See your liaison for assistance in determining the type of correspondence you wish to deliver, and whether or not review is required. Appointment letters

Any letter or e-mail to University administrators (e.g., thank you letter to President Erickson, correspondence to President Erickson regarding annual meeting with the President and Provost) Press releasesNewswire itemsMass mailings (event announcements, invitations external to commission membership) Annual call for commission membership applications and nominations Note: The recipient and content of the communication determine whether or not review is required, not the mode of delivery. For example, an e-mail to President Erickson requires review, while an e-mail to...
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