Formal Letter Analysis

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A letter is a handwritten or typed piece of a communication sent from a person to another person through a messenger. Letters have existed through the ancient times of Egypt, Rome, China, Greece and Sumer up to this present day. They were known as a form of written literature to self-educate one’s self, and many people loved to use letters for self-expressing, critical reading and for exchanging ideas with like-minded people. Letters were also used as a form of communication between two people and so there exists two types of such letters, and they are:
1. Formal Letter:
Formal letters are letters, written to a more authoritative person like, from a student to a teacher, from a normal citizen to the newspaper editor, from a fan to his...

I have been a freelancer for whole 10 years, while I was a student of Arts and Literature. I have developed my literature skills and so I have a good command of my English with having strong IT (Information Technology) skills. I have also had good planning, organizing and management skills, with a good sense of creativity and visual sense. I have also developed my financial skills and have a good understanding of the publishing industry.
Please do check my resume so that you could know more about me. I want to thank you for giving me some of your time, despite being busy and I would very much appreciate it, if you hired me.
Respectfully yours,
Sarah Parker

2. Informal letter:
Informal letter is a letter sent to your close friends, family relatives or family members. They are usually written in a friendly manner, where you could use slang language, broken syntax, metaphors, contractions and abbreviations. There aren’t many types of it because you can write them in any way you want. But here is an example, so please do read it:

23rd, Blue street
Pr6 5BB
22nd November’2011

You might think that Application and Formal letter might be similar, but an Application is a verbal request, where a Formal letter is a written request. Application also has many types and they are:
1. Summer Job Application letter:
Summer job application is usually written by poor college or school students, who only work in summer vacations. You should also mention for how many days you will need to work and also write the reason for why you are doing the job, so that the receiver could have an idea of why you are receiving this job.

2. Job Application letter Template:
These types of letters are usually written by job seekers. You should write the application very clearly and up to the point. And you should strictly keep in mind, that for what job you are applying to and for what you would like to apply to.

3. Transfer Application:
This Application is usually written when an employee wants to transfer from one branch to another. When writing a Transfer Application, you should be polite considering that you your-self is the one who wants to transfer.

If you want any more information, please go to this site:

Application Format:
Sender’s address and contact information:
Date: November 22nd 2011
23rd, Blue...
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