Maintenance and Repair of Jaw Crusher Machine

Topics: Bearing, Tribology, Babbitt Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: July 10, 2013
In this article, Daswell engineers want to introduce some maintenance matters about jaw crusher to all the customers. First, the jaw crusher (jaw) lubrication 1, Before the jaw crusher started, the thrust plate and the thrust plate between the supports should be injected into the right amount of grease. 2, Notice the friction surface lubrication, and ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong its service life. 3, The jaw crusher lubricating grease should be used according to the location, temperature dependent. 4, The jaw crusher machine joined the grease for around 51% of the bearing capacity, changing every 3~6 months. When changing the oil and application of clean gasoline or kerosene cleaning roller bearing raceway. Secondly, the jaw crusher (jaw) repair In order to ensure the normal operation of jaw crusher, in addition to operate correctly, planned repair is essential, which includes daily maintenance and inspection, maintenance, repair and overhaul. 1, Except for repair work, overhaul also includes the replacement of turning eccentric shaft and the mandrel, casting the babbitt metal of the upper part of the connecting rod head, replacement or repair a worn parts. Overhaul cycle is generally 5 years. 2, Repair including the replacement of the thrust plate, lining, check and repair of bearing. Repair cycle is generally 1~2 years. 3, The main contents include examination and repair minor repairs, adjustment device, adjustment of discharging gap, jaw crusher to the wear lining tune or replacement. Check the transmission part regularly. Repair cycle for 1~3 months.
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