Teach you repair impact crusher Parts

Topics: Steel, Wear, Tribology Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: November 19, 2013
impact crusher efficiency of our friends are obvious, like the human body , like a long time, there will be some big or small issues that we need to help solve it . Here , vipeak Heavy teach technicians to give you some impact crusher is often problematic parts repair methods . Preferred , impact crusher maintenance , you have to start from the hammer . We start to understand the repair hammer and hammer the selection of materials , and why ? Because counterattack crusher hammer is the main consumable parts , the current multi-purpose high manganese steel, when one side wear, can be used upside down . But when the hammer was badly worn on both sides , it is difficult to repair , had to replace the hammer . If at this time the shaft hole and hammer shank is not damaged, but will inevitably cause the entire hammer scrap waste. Therefore, the hammer is in use, can not let too much wear and tear on both sides , we should replace him with a high manganese steel alloy or electrode surfacing to improve wear resistance. Secondly You have to understand the crusher frame repair , cast steel racks are generally not in direct contact with the material , but the chassis side machine side cover plate and is subject to the material between the chisel -type abrasive wear . In addition, the rack shaft shaft hole hammer , hammer crusher after long-term work, the hole will be ground into a flat round hole, impact hammer work. Fix the rack is carried out with manganese steel surfacing surfacing . Before welding , welding rod to dry , after welding, the surface should be smooth , symmetrical position rack surfacing weight should be balanced , otherwise it will affect the hammer work. This method is simple, the cost is higher, but the wear resistance can be increased more than 1 times . Hammer shaft bore wear , after annealing after welding , drilling re- crossed , or the rack plate combination, for buildings with holes , easy to achieve dimensional accuracy requirements. The final...
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