Main pollutants

Topics: Ultraviolet, Oxygen, Ozone depletion Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: June 1, 2014
Main air pollutants and their sources

Carbon Monoxide- motor cars, cigarettes, bush, forest and farm fires, slow combustion stoves Oxides of nitrogen (NO+NO2)- combustion (vehicles and power stations) Particulates (soot)- combustion (transport and industry), many industrial processes (mining), bush fires, farms and forest burn-offs, backyard incineration; abets in dust from insulation and pre-1986 fibrous cement board in old buildings and from their demolition Airborne lead- lead smelters (Broken Hill), paint dust from renovating old houses and leaded petrol (used in pre-1986) Sulfur Dioxide SO2- combustion (impurities in fuel), metals extraction (from sulphide ores), chemical manufacturing CFC’s- before 1996 from refrigeration, air conditioning, foam plastics, electronics cleaning, halon fire extinguishers Ozone- no direct sources; formed in photochemical smog

Ozone in the Atmosphere
Ozone is an allotrope of the element oxygen- main one being ordinary O2 gas It is poisonous to humans and other life forms when breathed in or come into contact with it Cause breathing difficulties, aggravating respiratory problems, premature fatigue and headache Stratosphere it is good because it protects all life forms by filtering out UV which damages tissue Therefore, it acts as a radiation shield

Ironic- we produce at ground level where it is not wanted yet we destroy where we want it Photochemical smog: type of air pollution that is produced when sunlight acts upon motor car exhaust gases to form ozone and other harmful substances It causes health problems , cause eyes to water and sting

Coordinate Covalent Bonds
Ozone 3 O atoms joined together. O2 molecule forms a new covalent bond with 3rd atom A coordinate covalent bond is a covalent bond in which both of the shared electrons came from the one atom eg. Carbon Monoxide, Ammonium ion, Complex ions such as Ag(NH3)2 Allotropes of Oxygen

Depletion of Ozone int he stratosphere
Ozone is important to life on...
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