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Mahindra Motors

This Report is based on the Mahindra motors private limited company in India, which company wants to start their business in New Zealand. In this report we will discuss about the Company that produces namely heavy vehicles like trucks, luxury cars, buses and tractors. Then we will talk about the company products and services offered goals, strength and weakness, competitors, marketing strategy. Then Conclusion will be consequent and places are accepted available. We will talk about Mahindra motors named company that produces the heavy vehicles in India. This is a famous Company of India having a high overgrown in the market. It produces number of different models of the cars, buses and tractors. Mahindra have main headquarter in Mumbai Maharashtra (India). It is a progressing company and has a greater race with the top ranked companies of different countries in the four wheels vehicle’s world.

Background of the Company:-
Mahindra group limited was found in Ludhiana as Mahindra by brothers K.C. Mahindra and J.C. Mahindra brothers. The company industrial its first profitable vehicle in 1954. Mahindra motors entered the passenger vehicles market in 1991. The company in 1998 launched the first fully local Indian passenger’s car, the Indica that’s first fully indigenous Indian passenger car. Its excellent fuel economy, powerful engine and an aggressive marketing strategy made it one of the best selling cars in the history of the Indian motors industry.

The reasons behind chosen the company are that the survey will help the organisation in making the positive remark. Each and every organisation uses this process to increase the output, performance. Organisation wants to have the maximum of their resources. So they motivate employees to do the best.

Industry Performance in New Zealand:-
Well Mahindra motors wants to start their company in New Zealand which is largest automobiles company in India. The automobile industry in New Zealand no longer has a vehicle assembly industry for passenger vehicles. On vehicles manufacturing works in New Zealand is very less, mostly all the company export their vehicles in NZ. It produces vehicles on the idea of environment friendly scheme which not create more pollution. Their vehicle is eco-friendly which is good for company. Company will be selling more vehicles within few years due to its performance in New Zealand. Products:-

Mahindra provides many products in market such as heavy vehicles like Trucks, luxury cars like indigo, Bolero, Logan etc. and also provides buses like star bus, macro polo buses. It also provides tractors like Mahindra Arjun 605 DI etc. SERVICES:-

Mahindra company provides many services for public namely life insurance, Tractor Loans, financial loans, Construction Equipment, Fixed Deposit etc. which are very much helpful now a days.

Mission of the company:-
The Mahindra group company will use improvement machinery to produce new luxury cars. That’s cars will be very powerful engines and eco-friendly. To strengthen the Mahindra brand and create lasting relationships with the customers by working closely with business partners to provide superior value for money over the life cycle.

Vision of the company:-
Mahindra group is the world largest automobile company. Mahindra Motors Limited’s vision is to be best in the style in which it operates, best in the products it deliver and best in its value system and ethics in New Zealand. To be a world class corporate constantly furthering the interest of all its stakeholders.

Goal of the company:-

In the middle of many other goals Mahindra group has some goals that the company want to achieve more heavy trucks which is good for environment and production some luxury buses also in the market, that’s provided by other company. It has main aim to expand its operations to enter into overseas motors market.

Objective of the company:-
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