Magnificence: Narrative and Story

Topics: Narrative, Boy, Female Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: November 4, 2008
Magnificence pertains to somewhat the potential or the strength of a person. In the story, the reversal of gender assignments is not actually incidental. The magnificent one in the story does not only point out to the mother but to all women who finally had the strength to rise up against male abuse. The psychological oppression of women and children, which emerges into the light of consciousness once the mask of false chivalry is wrenched away.

In the story “Magnificence”, the descriptions of the mother and Vicente are contrastive not only against each other but also against stereotypes of their genders. The story opens with Vicente being described as “so gentle, so kind,” a phrase usually used for women. Vicente is a dark “little” man whose “voice was soft and manner slow.” On the other hand, the mother is a “gloating” mother whose “eyes held pride.” She is barely described at the start, as absent as the father except for short delivered lines. Only in the later part of the story was the mother completely revealed: a “tall woman” who spoke in a voice “very low, very heavy” and with an “awful timbre.” The contrast emphasizes the darkness of Vicente and the mother’s magnificence.

In my point of view some of the phallic symbols in the story are as follows: #1 The part wherein Vicente placed the little girl on his lap, this shows that its either he loves kids or he has a desire or a hidden intention with the girl. #2 The part where Vicente slapped the boy smartly on his lean hips and said that boys do not kiss boys, this shows that Vicente actually only wanted the kiss from the little girl. #3 The part in the story where Vicente gave two pencils to the boy while gave three to the little girl and not only that two pencils of hers was ordinary then the third one was a jumbo one, this shows that Vicente favors the little girl more actually buying her trust. #4 During the crucial moment, the mother is “transfigured by a glow” this note emphasizes the glow...
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