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Ja’Colby Easter
Mrs. Maggio
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October 29, 2014
Simplistic Beauty
The “Smoke Liqueur” brand and “Hennessy” brand use very great advertisement methods. Even though they seemingly use different type of methods to get you to buy their product both advertisements use great product placement to allure consumers to buy them. They target the magazine there in customers to choose the way the way they are coming out at the customer. Both advertisements use the magazines they are placed in (Vibe & XXL) to see how they are going to attract different buyers to purchase their products.

The “Smoke Liqueur” advertisement in the XXL magazine uses a seductive type of advertisement. XXL is a predominantly black read magazine so they use that to motivate how they show the imagery of their product. This advertisement shows a beautiful black woman lying next to the “Smoke” bottle which give off three different fallacies in the back of the mind. The fallacy used in this relates to guys. The allure of seeing this beautiful woman by this bottle causes some to think that they will have her or even someone just like her to enjoy this product with. Guys will see this advertisement and have an implanted thought in their psyche that buying this product will be allow them to be accompanied by beautiful women or that when they drink this product every woman someone is around will become as enticing as her, this is not true. Another fallacy that is used in the advertisement really relates more to women. Seeing this ad might make women think that purchasing/drinking this product will allow them to look like the woman in the ad or even be as seductive as her. Women will see this and think maybe that their looks being improved would be a perk of this product. The black and gray colors implies a type of sophistication for this ad. This advertisement uses a slogan “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire” to suggest that this product will set off something once it is used. It makes people...

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