Made Up Religion

Topics: God, Religion, Prayer Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Michael Vanchieri
Ms. Loos
World Religions
6 January 2012


Neivanism is a religion based off of snow. The religion i found where ever there is snow all year round, on the poles, on mountaintops, but mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. Mythic

Contrary to where Neivanism is practiced, the religion originated in Spain. The story goes that a man named Carlos was stuck in a freak snow storm in Central Spain. The storm lasted for 4 days and for 4 nights. Carlos blunders bout in the storm for this days, and before dawn on the fifth day a figure appeared to him. The figure was tall and broad, and wore a coat of pure white. He introduced himself as Hladgunnr. He spoke to Carlos telling him that he shall be the founder of a new religion, one that would be the most pure and sacred on the Earth. He asked Carlos that in twelve days time he was to take a boat and head north at sunset, and he will guide them to they place they are meant to be. The next morning the blizzard ended. Carlos went into the city of Madrid and spread the good news. His followers were mostly poor and middle aged, but in twelve days he set out north just as he was instructed.Then Carlos and his followers spent 20 days and 20 night following the snow cloud that was send by Hladgunnr. On the 21st day they landed in a snowy tundra at dawn. As the days went by Carols had been getting visions on how to start his new religion. The rules and duties of the community were carved onto a glacier. The beginnings of Neivanism started. Doctrinal

This religion has many beliefs and creeds. Neivanists belief in a life after death. They believe that when a person dies their soul ascends into the sky and later snows down. When the snow melts their soul reforms up in the sky and the cycle continues. However if the person has led an bad moral life their soul is sent into the mouth a volcano where they will never turn...
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