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1. Maaza story:
the fruits of successful global brand
The name Maaza denotes taste, enjoyment, represents diamond, in different languages and the brand Maaza has turned out to be a star performer across the region and beyond. The main ingredients for Maaza bottling are Natural Fruit Pulp, treated water, natural identical flavour and Vitamin C along with other food additives to balance the sweetness, taste & consistency of the beverage. 2. Maaza values:

In our organization we create a healthy work environment enabling us to bring out the best from our employees and promote team work through mutual co-operation, pooling of resources, sharing of ideas and free expression of opinion. Our employees are totally committed to their goals and have independence and integrity in their evaluation and decision-making. 3. Maaza assurance:

Maaza International is committed to provide the customers and franchisees competitive techno commercial services in its various field of expertise to achieve customer satisfaction at all levels of operation. We are committed to quality, integrity and excellence in whatever we do to meet our mission and achieve our Vision. We continuously improve the process through which we deliver our services and provide our staff with the training and tools necessary to contribute to our quality efforts. We strive to always review and evaluate our performance to guarantee the highest level of customer service. Our success is measured by the customer satisfaction and feedback. 4. Maaza Flavours:

Even though the most popular drink is Maaza Mango, the other product range includes the Maaza Guava, Maaza Pineapple, Maaza Apple, Maaza Mix Fruit and Maaza Orange, the fruit pulp and concentrate to manufacture these being sourced from reputed manufactures from India, Europe and the Far East. The latest addition to our product range includes Maaza Bits, a juice drink with real fruit pieces. 5.Maaza world:

Maaza Mango is a fruit juice based drink which...
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