M2 Unit 34

Topics: Website, Online shopping, Retailing Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: May 4, 2015
Name: Rajaul Hoque
Teacher: Roland
Unit 34 – M2
In this assignment I am going to assess how my website design contributes to fulfilling the CHPS purposes, through meeting the requirements of the target audience. I am also going to explain why certain features I have planned in my website have been included. What is their purpose as far as target users are concerned? I am also going to show an understanding of the organisation’s objectives. I am also going to explain the potential unforeseen users of the website. Product reviews & Hosting Security

User reviews build trust, and that trust increases conversion by more than 39%. The website that I built called Zainah Designs with product reviews in, with no extra costs or add-ons required. My business Zainah Designs can also automatically email buyers a few days after purchase to ask for a product review. So all the customers need to do before purchasing is sit down and look at the customer reviews conversation and the high search rankings of the products. Furthermore Zainah Designs is a true all-in-one website, giving you a securely hosted website, domain name, shopping cart, product catalogue, CRM, marketing tools, reporting and mobile-optimized store. This will meet my business objectives because this will make customers feel safe when visiting and purchasing products from my website. Large, plentiful and detailed product images

Nothing beats holding a product in your own hands to feel confident in your purchasing decisions. So to counteract this possible friction point. My website Zainah Designs places huge importance on their images by providing large, high-quality images of each product, at every angle, with the ability to zoom in to such detail that you almost feel like you're touching it. Additionally and amazingly they also provide videos of people interacting with the products to get a feel for it in 3 dimensional space. This will meet the businesses objective because this would enable...
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