Unit 8 M2

Topics: Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, National security Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: June 24, 2013
M2: Analyse the measures used to combat national and international terrorism.

Government agencies are set up to specifically monitor and combat terrorism. These agencies in the UK are NaCTSO (National counter terrorism security office) SIS (MI6). The biggest threat to the National security comes from overseas. Al-Qaeda and their leaders are the biggest threat to our nation at the moment. The threat is becoming more diverse as groups associated to and inspired by Al-Qaeda develop more independence in directing operations. Therefore we are likely to see a more unpredictable picture in the future, potentially with more frequent, although less sophisticated attacks. The UK is at the forefront of international co-operation against the threat posed by international terrorists. Since 2003, the UK has been applying a long-term strategy for countering international terrorism and the extremism that lies behind it. The main aim of these agencies is to reduce the risk of national terrorism, so that people can live their lives without feeling unsafe or weary of religious groups. The UK counter-terrorism strategy is known as ‘contest’ and divided into four principal areas:

Prevent- To stop people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism;

Pursue- To stop terrorist attacks

Protect- To strengthen our protection against a terrorist attack

Prepare- Where an attack cannot be stopped, to limit its impact


The National counter terrorism security office is a police unit and forms part of the association of Chief of Police officers protects and prepare. The unit is co-located within the center of Protection of National Infrastructure.

NaCTSO contributes to the UK government’s counter terrorism strategy (CONTEST) by supporting the Protect and Prepare strands of that strategy. NaCTSO counter terrorism and security work is divided into three areas: •Protection of crowded places;

•Protection of hazardous sites and dangerous substances; and...
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