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Topics: Katrina Kaif, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: February 24, 2013
We all want to be pampered, to look and feel great, to enjoy that moment when anything seems possible. And that's just what Lux offers you on a daily basis at a price you can afford.

Glamour factor
Lux introduces a luxurious new range of body and hand washes to indulge the senses with promises of renewal and relaxation. Making your day just that extra bit special. The rich, creamy lather will indulge your body and leave your skin feeling pampered and deliciously silky.

LUX has always been synonymous with beauty and the enigma of a woman. Since its launch in Pakistan in 1954, it has been hailed as the 'soap of the stars' capturing the imagination of its target audience with the allure of Pakistan's leading glamorous ladies.

LUX made every user feel special, giving its consumer the appeal of a super star and thus been a favourite amongst rural and urban markets.

LUX celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2005 just like it celebrated each day- with splendour and grandeur, uniting the past with the present translating how beauty can withstand the test of time. Thus, the massive advertising campaign marking its 50th year featured the top four female models of Pakistan along with the Legendary Pakistani Film Actress Babra Sharif. In 2002, LUX initiated the First Style Awards boosting the immense talent in Pakistan and giving them a platform for performing arts.

To nurture performing arts in Pakistan, LUX has started a LSA scholarship program providing free education to a chosen few who show immense potential.

This year in March, Lux introduced famous Indian Film Actress Katrina Kaif as the new Brand Ambassador.

Lux now introduces a luxurious range of hand washes to indulge the senses with promises of renewal and relaxation. It is so much more than a soap. Just a few delectable drops gives you a creamy lather, rich with gentle cleansing to caress your skin, making your day just that extra bit special.

Lux continues offering beauty care through...
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