Lucky Brand Jeans

Topics: Jeans, Hippie, Lucky Brand Jeans Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Lucky Brand Jeans is a brand rooted in the hippie culture of the 1970’s and rock and roll. Lucky is for the customer who is more of a free spirit and identifies with the bohemian and hippie style reflected in the clothing. Lucky Brand Jeans are known for their great fit and vintage inspired look, as well as the signature “Lucky You” on the fly of all their jeans. Lucky Brand incorporates a sense of humor into their products that reflects the casual, easy going look of all their clothes. Most of their jeans are priced at around $100 with the exception of a few that are a bit more expensive, promising great fit and quality at lower prices than competitors such as True Religion and Seven for All Mankind.

Lucky Brand Jeans has a very specific style and aesthetic that attracts a specific customer, but there basic jeans brings in many customers looking for a pair of great fitting jeans. Lucy Jeans do have excellent fits that flatter many body types and suit different styles but the quality of there product must be improved in order to turn those new customers into loyal ones who will only wear Lucky Brand Jeans. Lucky jeans look good and fit very well but they do not last very long and can succumb to ripping and tearing. There jeans are meant to look rugged and vintage inspired but no customer would want there new jeans to fall apart only after a few months. This is specifically a problem with jeans that have holes and tears already put into them but pretty soon the tears and wholes can get too big and before long they look a little too rugged. Lucky has to improve the quality of their denim if they want to keep a loyal customer base like those of True Religion of Seven for All Mankind. Lucky Brand has to find a balance between the design aesthetic and functionality because what looks good may not be the most long lasting.

Lucky Brand Jeans has a very specific look and their customer is well defined and specific. The peace-sign logo’s and tie-dye t-shirts are not...
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