Swot Analysis for Fcuk

Topics: Marketing, Wear, Price Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: November 14, 2005
SWOT Analysis //

Company – French Connection (Fcuk)


In this assignment I have created a SWOT analysis for the clothing company "French Connection". I have identified and discussed the strengths/weaknesses of the company, and examined the opportunities and threats it may face.


French Connection is a very popular clothing company that produces trendy clothing at a competitive price, targeting young adults who are looking to buy smart clothing at a reasonable price.

French Connection has a global market with stores as far as Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and Malaysia. It is a well-known brand that all young adults can identify. The brand holds a large share of the competitively priced clothing industry, with a large capital they are able to advertise and market the products on television, Internet and large billboards across the globe.

The company has a very good marketing strategy and invest a lot of money into that area. Advertisement of the brand and its products are made to look classy and appealing to young adults seeking to find quality clothing at a reasonable price.

To identify clearly the strengths of French Connection I have broken it down into bullet points.

·The company has a large share in the clothing market
·Has worldwide recognition through product being sold globally. ·Has enough capital to invest a lot of money in marketing the product in many different ways. ·Has a strong reputation for selling quality clothing at reasonable prices ·Reliable cash flow

·The company is big enough and able to cope with change in the market for example Style, pricing. ·Able to adventure into other markets relating to clothing (accessories, watches, perfume) ·Production is able to cope with customer demand.

·Market demand in all seasons

Weaknesses //

French Connection seem to be designing clothing which is not really changing, some of the products look cheap and tacky which are causing prices to reduce....
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