Luck vs Success

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Success vs. Luck
Luck has no absolute role in success; success only comes when you are dedicated in having two major factors: an education and a career. People need to have an open mind that if he or she puts in hours of hard work of anything it will give back success and what you expect of the end of the bargain after putting in long hours of hard work.

Time is a huge take away if you decide to wait for luck to become successful might as well just procrastinate because there is not telling when luck going is too struck. “Under the article of does Luck have anything to do with Success”, it states that luck is a superstitious feeling that happens to someone by chance, and luck is an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another. In order to succeed you don't just have to be lucky to bump into opportunities but you have to be also prepared to take advantage of them.” (Radwan CSC, M Faroukan, 2knowmyself)

Hard work pays off in any occupation and the result of that makes him or her successful person. For example look at billionaire Bill Gates; he surely did not let luck determine his success. He achieved success by becoming the founder of Microsoft and I’m certain he did not wait for an opportunity to come by he build his empire from the ground and up and he did it with precision timing, dedication, and education. “According to “Search Quotes” Hard works pays off, patience is the best currency & persistence is your best investment.”(Unknown Quotes)

People succeed because of hard work; luck has no role in success. When you focus only on luck you have to wait for an opportunity and there’s no telling if that opportunity is fortune enough for him or her to succeed, as far hard work goes that’s the route you want to take if you want to be successful and full fill your standards and why you were becoming successful in the first place.

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