Luck and Aunt Alice

Topics: Richard Wiseman, Luck, Superstition Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: March 2, 2013
I have been thinking a lot about luck recently. And I think what prompted this minor obsession was dearest Aunt Alice! Yes my favourite Aunt Alice all the way from Dublin, no less!

Well it all began about 6 months ago when it came to my first foray into end of year exams – actually my chemistry final – science the bane of my life! Honestly, I had intended to prepare but it just came upon me -yes! Just like that! I looked up and there it was staring me in the face. And then an epiphany!!! Aunt Alice – she always comes to the rescue –ah yes the LUCK OF THE IRISH, she would know exactly what to do! Now dear boy, she began in her broad Irish brogue- AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT I have, all the way from Ireland my lucky Rabbits foot! Just stick it into your pocket and every time you hit a blank-just a wee tweak and oh boy you’ll be IN LUCK! But DON’T PUSH YOUR LUCK child- one tweak is all you need mind you! MY LUCK WAS IN, I HAD HIT A LUCK!!! Marvellous Aunt Alice and her Lucky rabbits foot-LUCKY ME!

To my chagrin, I failed dismally! Boy was I ever out of luck. Rabbits foot, huh?

And that’s really what got me thinking about luck. Is there really such a thing as luck? Does it actually exist? Are lucky charms actually lucky? I’ve heard it said that lucky things happen to lucky people. Furthermore it is said that you are either born lucky or you’re not. You either have the luck of the Irish or you don’t. Perhaps this perception of luck is formulated by those, who consider themselves to have what they would call – “bad luck” and is therefore, as a result of something over which we have no conscious control-or is it?

Gary Player said “the harder I practise the luckier I become” and Oprah Winfrey, “ Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. Interesting! Even though attracting Luck into our lives is something that we cannot physically control, says British psychologist Richard Wiseman, it is however, something that we can indirectly influence and bring into our...
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