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Outline final superstitions

By Mostafahatem Nov 08, 2014 541 Words
Mahmoud Hesham 28-12803 T-61

General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the many different superstitions believed around the World
Central Idea: Nearly all people, in nearly all times, have held, irrational beliefs concerning methods of warding off ill or bringing good, foretelling the future, and healing and preventing sickness and accidents.

I. Attention Material.
A. Picture ( broken mirror)
B. Do you believe that if a certain thing happens it can change your luck? C. The Origin of Superstitions:
“What are superstitions”?
II. Orienting Material
A. Superstitions are enormous in their variety
B. There are good luck superstitions, bad luck superstitions, and personal superstitions. (Transition: Here are some of the most known superstitious beliefs) BODY
I. Good luck superstitions and their origins
A. Knocking on wood
1. According to Romans, good spirits live in trees
2. Touching anything made out of wood is believed to call good spirits to protect from evil 3. It also means paying the spirits respect.
4. Some believe that its associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on a wooden cross B. Lucky rabbit’s foot
1. Widely known and one of the oldest good luck symbols
2. Carrying a rabbit’s foot brings good luck
3. Its origin is traced to Totemism, a theory stating that every human has evolved from an animal C. Finding a penny
1. Finding a penny and picking it up is believed to bring a day of good luck 2. If its heads up it’s considered luckier 3. Any metal is believed to be God’s gift to mankind (Transition: As there are many good luck superstitions, here are some of the bad ones) II. Bad luck superstitions and their origins

A. Black cats
1. Origin is traced to Ancient Egypt
2. Their Goddess Bats was a female black cat
3. Since Christians wanted to eradicate their religion from society, they convinced people that black cats are demons 4. black cat crossing someone's path began to be considered as evil B. Walking under a ladder

1. A ladder standing against a wall makes a triangle with the wall and the ground, a depiction of the Holy Trinity. 2. Walking through this triangle means violating the Holy Trinity 3. This is believed to make god angry

C. Birds and bad luck
1. Killing a sparrow brings bad luck, as these birds are believed to carry souls of the dead. 2. Hearing an owl's cry is an indication that death or ill-luck will follow. 3. A bird flying into the house is believed to bring bad luck. 4. Peacock feathers are considered as symbols of the 'evil eye' (Transition: Now let’s summarize)

I. Summary
A. Many superstitions become the basis of certain social customs and go on to become traditions B. Superstitions are beliefs, and beliefs don't need a reason, whether they’re good or bad. II. Clincher

A. Even in so-called modern times, in a day when objective evidence is highly valued, there are few people who won’t admit to cherishing secretly one or two irrational beliefs or superstitions

Bernard, E.Bishop “Superstitions and their Origins” <>
Shaba, Megi “Superstitions” <>

Photo of a broken mirror.

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