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Science Against Evolution

By JeanPaul91 Apr 18, 2013 381 Words
Name: Jean-Paul Belmar
Subject: Science
Topic: Evolution vs. Creation

Throughout the centuries man has questioned his existence, “who am I?”, “why am I here?” but most importantly “how did I come to be?” There have been countless heated debates and arguments as to which is the truth, Evolution or creation. Many scientists believe that evolution is the key to human ancestry. Evolution can be described as the process in which an organism changes and becomes more sophisticated over generations and adapts to its environment. Evolutionists believe that life came about by chance and all organisms evolved from inorganic material. The ancestry of man has caused many to believe in evolution, but what did we evolve from? The answer to that question would support the theory of evolution such as that claimed by Charles Darwin. It is suggested that apes are the closest to human behaviour than any other creature in the animal kingdom and therefore we evolved from them, however this was just a theory until proof in the form of fossils were found in the 1800’s. The fossils suggested evolution may have been the birth of mankind and therefore it had solid evidence over those who believed in creation. There are however many scientists who believe in creation rather than evolution. Creation is the belief that there is a higher supreme being that has created life as we know it and everything in the universe. The theory of creation is a universally recognised truth; however we can understand why evolution would cause a problem as it too shows another form of the birth of the human race. Creation was not based on religion but on observation, the apparent design in biology would indicate a supreme designer, for example the many functions of the human body is too complicated therefore it could not jus come to be by nature but by a creator. My personal belief is that they both exist and coincided to create the human race. I believe that there is a supreme creator who designed life as we know it and i believe that the creator designed evolution. Life did not come into existence by chance and so I believe the evolution of man was part of a design by a higher power or supreme creator.

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