Topics: South Africa, Desmond Tutu, Style Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Figurative language and imagery help develop a selection’s mood, character and conflict. In this essay I will compare and discuss how figurative language and imagery help to develop the mood, character and conflict of all of the selections done in class.

Figurative language and imagery affect mood. Two selections that show how figurative language and imagery affect mood are In Goya’s Greatest Scenes and Nelson Mandela’s Inauguration Speech. In Goya’s Greatest Scenes the author uses figurative language to create a mood of fear and horror. One example of this is “under cement skies.” This is a metaphor, comparing the sky to cement. Imagery is also used to affect mood in Goya’s Greatest Scenes. An example of imagery is “babies and bayonets.” It helps create an image of babies or little kids running around with weapons causing chaos. This example of imagery helps the reader feel afraid. In Inauguration Speech, figurative language is used to create mood. Nelson Mandela creates a happy mood in his speech when he compares the people of South Africa to “a rainbow nation.” He hopes all the people in South Africa will blend together and live in peace just like the colors in a rainbow. This metaphor makes the reader become hopeful that South Africa will free itself from racism.

Both The Baker and The Leap demonstrate how character is developed using figurative language and imagery. In the poem The Baker, character is developed using figurative language. “They are fixed veins” is a metaphor comparing the baker’s tattoo from a concentration camp to looking like fixed veins; permanently marked, always there to remind him of everything he’s been through. This shows that the baker is a very strong character, even after everything he’s been through he stays strong. Another example of how figurative language develops character is the line “stuffs me with tears.” This shows that the character in the poem buying food from the baker feels sorry for him and guilty....
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