Creative Thinking Evaluation

Topics: Positive psychology, Love, Feeling Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Creative Thinking Evaluation

Evaluating Angela’s metaphors she has a heart for the homeless and describes in detail their lack of resources and how they are taken for granted. You can tell how she loves the outdoors in the way she metaphorically speaks of bicycling with chasing the breeze. She has a passion for sailing and speaks of riding the wind and floating on waves. Her father is a strong influence in her life when she speaks of him having the heart of a tiger and the voice of a warrior. He is a shoulder to cry on in her days of struggle. Angela’s son is a big part of her life; she speaks of him being the sun in her sky, the light in her dark and the air that she breathes. Evaluating Elizabeth’s metaphors, she described her family through compassion and sensitivity through her descriptive images of them. Through comparison of a spring flower, a wild flower and rock; she describes her sister. She has a never-ending friend shows her feeling of love for her. I could feel the closeness she h=as with her son, and the challenges starting with her daughter. Her metaphors about her family gave me feelings of happiness, love and appreciation. Her metaphors show emotion of a difficult time in her life with her sister being a support bra-bringing the family closer in a time of need. Elizabeth’s perception is what she has chosen to see in her life with her family. Her personal barriers are with her job where she tends to have death on her mind with dealing with it every day of job. Language uses points of comparism about mechanics of the world she loves; feelings are compassionate through the life of her family and job. Elizabeth’s creative thinking involved abstract thoughts of reality Evaluating Jennifer’s metaphors, she loves life and sees it as a journey of ups and downs. She sees the good and bad in everything. She is a very optimistic person and looks for the good in everyone and everything. She loves her children and spends as much time with them as she can....
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