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LSD: The drug that keeps you from reality.
“In ten minutes I lived a thousand years. My brain and my consciousness and my awareness were pushed so far out that the only way I could begin to describe it is like an astronaut on the moon, or in his space ship, looking back at the Earth. I was looking back to the Earth from my awareness.” This is a direct quote from George Harrison sharing his experience or his “trip” when trying LSD for the first time, it show’s you the hallucinations you get, and how you begin to drift from reality. LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and it’s a hallucinogenic drug that intensifies sense perceptions and produces extreme hallucinations. Not usually called by Lysergic Avid Diethylamide, LSD is mostly called Acid though it has some other nick names including Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, California Sunshine, Superman, Loony Tunes, Boomers & Window Pane. Though mostly taken in pill form, LSD also comes in powder or liquid. Though, can also be a piece of paper that is placed under the tongue to dissolve. LSD can take up to an hour to work, but when it does it’s very extreme and the hallucinations and short term effects come right at the start. Many people have different reactions to the drug, but everyones mind is altered when taking the drug, as if they enter another world. It doesn’t just affect the brain, all 5 senses get effected as well. Other effects include sweating, shaking, fear of losing control, loss of reality, different perspectives, distorted senses, your senses interchange and you see everything in a much different and creative way. The trip may end in 6-8 hours, but you will have after effects which include flashbacks and reoccurrence of the trip. Flashbacks, and paranoia are the two most popular long term effects when taking LSD. You could also get increased delusions and panic. LSD was widely used in the 1930s and all the way until 1966 when it became illegal. It was first used as a medicine to aid...
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