Body Paragraph
Topics: Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild, Alaska, Jon Krakauer / Pages: 3 (750 words) / Published: Oct 9th, 2012

ENG 112
Body Paragraph

Chris McCandless‘s admirers are wrong to believe that he was a deeply honest person. At some moments in Into the Wild, he was not an honest person. According to Westerberg, a McCandless’s friend, said, “He never explained why he’d changed his name” (Krakauer 18). When McCandless decided to make a trip into the wild, he changed his name; he did not even bring any identification with him. During the trip, everybody knew about him under the name Alex. Westerberg was a friend that was close to McCandless, but he never knew McCandless’s real name until he discovered from McCandless’s tax form. Westerberg was so surprised, but he did not ask McCandless the reason why he changed his name. Westerberg knew something happened between McCandless and his father, which McCandless never told him. Unfortunately, he did not have a change to hear the truth from McCandless. The significance about changing his name was that McCandless did not want everybody to know the truth of his personality. He hid everything about himself and his family, except his sister. It was a pain in his heart when he thought about his father. Beside this, McCandless was also a dishonest person in his family. He kept all things he knew about his father inside, even his sister. In Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer wrote, “but he did not confront his parents with what he knew, then or ever. He chose instead to make a secret of his dark knowledge and express his range obliquely, in silence and sullen withdrawal” (Krakauer 123). These actions by McCandless suggest much about his character. His problem with his father could be solved if he told the truth with his parents, but he never did that. He just kept inside and became angry to his father, even lying to his friend with a new name. Lying with his friend and his family was lying to himself. He could not stand it because his father was lying to him and his mother, but he still repeated the mistake of telling lies with his parents. Keeping

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