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Advertisement Chart
How does the ad use logos?
How does the ad use pathos?
How does the ad use ethos?
Does the ad seem effective to you? 
Explain your reasoning.
Your favorite 
electronic device
 The video uses logos by saying that the IPhone 4s has 8 megapixels and all new optics which makes it more than the leading competition.  
 The video uses pathos by saying siri is an amazing assistant that listens to you and understands you when you need her.  
 The video uses ethos because it explains that it uses the dual core A5 chip which gives the phone twice as much processing power as its previous model.  
 Yes, because it uses all three techniques to convince the consumer  
Internet link to the advertisement
A vehicle you would 
like to own someday
 The video uses logos by saying that the door panel is really hard to make and it makes the car look amazing  
 The video uses pathos because it says for people’s feelings that it gives you a fun driving experience that people will like  
 This video uses ethos because it says it drives smoother than all other cars in its category  
 Yes, because it reviewed almost everything on the car and it told me the negatives and positives of it.  
Internet link to the advertisement
A food or beverage 
that seems healthy
 This document uses logos by explaining that yogurt can help against gum disease.  
 This document uses pathos by saying that by consuming yogurt it boosts health and your immune system. This has to make someone happy knowing their health is really high.  
 This document uses ethos because it says researchers from Japan analyzed dietary intakes from nearly 1,000 adults and found those who consumed the highest levels of dairy (including yogurt) had the healthiest gums.  

 This ad seems effective to me because it shows a ton of facts about yogurt and how it can benefit your body.  
Internet link to the advertisement
 http://www.eatingwell.com/nutrition_health/heart_healthy_diet_center/top_15_heart_healthy_foods?page=2 An amusement park or vacation destination you would like to visit  This article uses logos by saying that this beach has completely white sand and the water is so clear  

 This article uses pathos by a person saying “it makes a great place to hang out and visit when I'm in the mood for the whole WHOO HOO I"M AT THE BEACH THING.”  
 This article uses ethos by saying that the beach is one of the best improvements in Floridian beach history.  
 Yes this ad seems effective because it explains a ton of mixed reviews for people who have been to that beach  
Internet link to the advertisement

Title, URL, and Date of Access
Central Idea

Teens will listen to other teens in ads http://www.utalkmarketing.com/pages/article.aspx?articleid=14465&title=teens_will_listen_to_other_teens_in_ads June 30, 2009
 The most effective ad content for reaching teens are those that show other teenagers using the product and enjoying it, according to a new study from Fuse Marketing. Advertising to teens http://suite101.com/a/advertising-to-teens-a14289 February 23, 2007

 Marketers love teens because teens burn money on the advertisements they put up. Teens in the Crosshairs: Is Targeted Marketing Ethical? http://www.american.edu/americantoday/campus-news/20110914-Kogod-Now-Targeted-Marketing.cfm September 14, 2011

 Teens are getting more obese due to advertisements.
Ethics in Advertising http://www.aef.com/on_campus/classroom/speaker_pres/data/6000 2006

 People in advertising spend a lot of time on their ethical choices.

Is Advertising to Teenagers Ethical? Media’s Influence on Body Image and Behavior http://digitalcommons.bryant.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1011&context=honors_marketing...
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