Loving the Food Truck Trend

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Loving the food truck trend.
This year during my spring break, I travelled to New York City. It was impossible not to notice the large amount of trucks serving food all across the Prince street of SoHo, and the huge quantity of customers lined up waiting anxiously for their food to be served. The food looked simple, but well presented in small paper plates. Everything from tacos, to sandwiches to Greek gyros were provided by these trucks. More than food, the trucks seemed to be providing a social gathering were everyone eat standing and some even interact with one another. This is a trend that I already had noticed a couple of times in the city of Tampa where I live, but I thought that these trucks were only used for special events, because that was the only occasion where I saw them. The moment I arrived from my trip to New York City, I was anxious to see more of these trucks, and started noticing that they were present not only in events like I used to thinks, but also right in front of Franklin St the street that I live in, and at the famer’s market every weekend in downtown Tampa as well. The trucks were the actual creator of the events. So, it is obvious that this trend is growing, but the question is why did these trucks become so popular?

When I first saw a food truck here in Tampa I remembered about a reality show I once watched called The Great Food Truck Race. This show aired on the Food Network in 2010, the show consisted of even specialty food trucks (eight in season two) that compete against each other for six weeks in different cities. It is possible that the this food trucks trend originated from this show, but if not, it was when I first hear of such thing called a “Food Truck”.

A food truck as the name implies is a truck of mobile venue that sells food, all types of foods. With a moving kitchen and catchy names like Killer Samich, Taco Bus, Burger Culture, Fat Tortillas, Jerk Hut, Coconut Bo's, Nelly Nel's, Fire Monkey, Gone Bananas and Wicked 'Wiches, are just some of the perks of these food services. A regular food truck does brisk business at lunch and dinner, popping in for a short time before heading off to the next location. According to a release, food trucks are one of the hottest trends in the restaurant industry today, but why is this? "Convenience is a major driver in restaurant growth, and food trucks are certainly a convenient option by essentially bringing the restaurant to the consumer," said Hudson Riehle, senior VP of the Research and Knowledge Group for the National Restaurant Association. “Our research shows that in just one year, the number of consumers who say they would be likely to visit a food truck has increased significantly . . .” a food truck is then in other words, are restaurants in a more informal, and in a more convenient way of reaching it. New research by the National Restaurant Association confirms: Nearly six out of ten (59 percent) would be likely to visit a food truck if their favorite restaurant offered one, up from 47 percent just one year ago; Nearly one-fifth (18 percent) saw a food truck in their community this summer; More than one-quarter (28 percent) of those who saw a food truck this summer made a mobile foodservice purchase. Back last summer I would have portrayed myself in the 18 percent, of what have seen a food truck in their community but have not yet tried it. However, throughout almost one year later I have eating in approximately ten different food trucks and 1-2 times in each truck (Anonymous). You might ask how have I been able to reach the same food trucks again? Well, a lot of them are constants in the same places, but others I have been able to truck them through the media. The media has had significant importance in keeping up with the routines of these trucks where are they and where will they next. Not only that but the media has also taken charge of the...

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