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Chapter 7
Positioning Services in Competitive Markets


Multiple Choice Questions

1. In marketing terms, ____________ means providing a relatively narrow product mix for a particular market segment. a. cantor
b. synopsis
c. focus
d. phyla
e. class
(c; Easy; p. 186)

2. Which of the following is NOT one of the four basic focus strategies? a. Service focused
b. Unfocused
c. Fully focused
d. Refocused
e. Market focused
(d; Easy; p. 186)

3. A ____________ is composed of a group of buyers who share common characteristics, needs, purchasing behavior, or consumption patterns. a. target class
b. class
c. focal segment
d. market segment
e. target segment
(d; Moderate; p. 187)

4. A(n) ____________ is one that a firm has selected from among those in the broader market and may be defined on the basis of several variables. a. general segment
b. segmentation field
c. target segment
d. holistic segment
e. mass customization
(c; Easy; p. 187)

5. The same individuals may set different priorities for attributes according to all EXCEPT which of the following? a. The purpose of using the service.
b. Who makes the decision.
c. The timing of use.
d. Whether the individual is using the service alone or with a group. e. The cost of the service.
(e; Moderate; p. 188)

6. Which of the following is the best example of a determinant characteristic for airline travel? a. Oxygen masks
b. Plane size
c. Quality of food and drinks
d. Having cocktail service
e. Floatation devices
(c; Easy; p. 189)

7. ____________, refers to an explicit form of positioning strategy that is based upon offering several price-based classes of service concept, each based on packaging a distinct level of service performance across many attributes. a. Service tiering

b. Service conscription
c. Broad-basing
d. Price-setting
e. Matching
(a; Moderate; p. 190)

8. Which of the following is NOT one of the four principles of positioning according to Jack Trout? a. A company must maintain a strong labor base.
b. A company must establish a position in the minds of its targeted customers. c. The position should be singular, providing one simple and consistent message. d. The position must set a company apart from its competitors. e. A company cannot be all things to all people—it must focus its efforts. (a; Moderate; p. 191)

9. Failure to select a desired position in the marketplace—and to develop a marketing action plan designed to achieve and hold this position—may result in which of the following possible outcomes? a. The organization (product) is pushed into a position, where it faces indirect competition from a weaker competitor. b. The organization (product) is pushed into a position that nobody else wants, because there is little customer demand. c. The organization’s (product’s) position is so blurred that nobody knows what its supplementary aspects really are. d. The organization (product) becomes obsolete before demand can be built. e. The organization (product) cannot sustain growth in lieu of external resources. (b; Moderate; p. 195)

10. Market analysis addresses all of the following factors EXCEPT ____________. a. overall level of demand
b. trend of demand
c. government regulations
d. geographic location of demand
e. market analysis addresses all of the above factors
(c; Easy; p. 196)


11. Market niches that seem too narrow to offer sufficient sales in one country are indicative of globally narrow market niches. (False; Moderate; p. 185)

12. It’s usually a good idea for firms to try to appeal to all potential buyers in a market, because customer variety leads to full capacity. (False; Moderate; p. 185)

13. A fully-focused organization concentrates on a narrow market segment, but has a wide range of services. (False; Moderate; p. 186)

14. A service-focused firm offers a narrow range of services to a fairly broad market. (True; Moderate; p. 186)...
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