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Love, What Is It Good for?

Jan 24, 2000 867 Words
Love in today's world has been strongly effected by the
social and artistic factors of the past. The question of how has the social environment, in which love is taking place,
effected the people that are in love. In stories like Romeo
and Juliet, the social environment is the major aspect of the main character love life. Because of their feuding families, their love almost did not exisist, but at the same time, if their families where not in this situation, their love might not of been inspired in the first place. Problem's like this show up in hundreds of fiction and true life stories all of the time. The only difference between the love between Romeo and Juliet

and other scenarios such as West Side Story, and Splendor
in the Grass, is that these social situations make the story interesting, therefore, a wonderful love story. In the story, West Side Story, there is a huge social disagreement
between two New York City gangs, the Jets and the
Sharks. The Jets are primarily a white territorial gang that has been sworn to defend there street from a Puerto Rican
gang, the Sharks. This social difference had made these two
groups sworn enemies of each and there fore there, it was
known that there was to be no interaction between the gangs
unless it was expressed in hostility. At a dance on night that both of the racial groups were attending, Tony, a Jets
veteran, had his eye caught by a young girl, Maria, who
happened to be the younger sister of the Sharks leader,
Benardo. Both of the gangs where outraged because Tony
had crossed the social line because his love had ruled out the idea of fighting the Sharks because it was not acceptable.
Therefore, these two people in love, directly inferred with
the social environment during the time that they were living in. In a different sort of social aspect of love, Splendor in the Grass is an excellent example of how a social environment
may be related to people in love. Bud, the main character in the story, is from a rich family in the Midwest. Bud's
girlfriend, Deanie, is from a family with less money, who
think the world of Bud, but look down at a sexual
relationship between the two lovers. The play starts off with the two high school seniors very committed to each. They
spend most of their time together and would enjoy times of
being together alone. As the play moves on, many factors in
Bud's life make their relationship more and more
complicated. Such as Bud's father Ace, encouraging his son
to put things off for a while until he had the chance to finish schooling at Yale. There was also a mental block of Bud's
sister by Bud because of extra curriculum activities which
she participated in that confused Bud and angered him at the same time. Deanie, at the same time, was torn up over the
lost relationship, because of social pressure from her and
parents and because of a broken heart. Later in the play,
these factors end up taking such a heavy toll on the
characters, they end up completely separated. The painting
Dance by Renoir could be used as a good example of how
love could be related to the social environment. This piece
appears that the subjects are almost taking a chance on each other with something as complicated and at the same time,
simple as one dance. The subjects almost seem to have an
unexplainable bond with each other even though they could
be so different. Since it expresses a spur of the moment
feeling it has the ability to directly inspire love, which makes it a good example of love effected by the social environment. On the opposite end of the argument, Huey Lewis and the
News in the song Power of Love said, that love is not
always a major part of a social environment. "Don't need
money, don't take fame, don't need a credit card to ride this train. It's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes, but it just might save your life, that's the power of love." This quote shows that love does not follow trends or get greedy,

it is just something that is always there regardless of it's environment. This shows that a social influence does not
always have to be present in a relationship. The social
environment of a couple in loves will most likely be
influenced by the atmosphere. In West Side Story the
characters where held separate by there racial background
and a feud between gangs. Splendor in the Grass had social
pressures which made love not capable of existing between
it's characters. In the painting Dance there was a pushing for a person to act in a spur of the moment fashion. Finally
Power of Love which insisted that the social environment did not effect a love in progress. All of these examples shown
give off a hint of social interference which directly effects those which are in love in that certain romance.

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