Love of Jesus

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"Can a woman forget her nursing child and not have compassion on the son of her womb? surely they may forget, yet I WILL NOT FORGET YOU."

-JESUS CHRIST(Isaiah 49:15)

Dear friends, have your read the above excerpt from the scriptures, isn't it great? Yes friends our Lord Jesus christ loves us so much and he came to this world and gave his own life for you and me on the cross. you may ask me the question, why did he die for me? my loving friends , I will tell you the answer. He came to this world to become an atonement sacrifice, to atone and consecrate us from the curses and stain of our transgressions and iniquities. Lord Jesus christ loves you more than any one else would love you. Let me tell you a real story I witnessed, that made me flabbergasted. I was travelling in a train, and I saw a poor child dancing and doing stunts, while her mother was sitting in a corner creating music out of a plate to add flavour to the performance. This poor child was poorly dressed and very thin and weak. The grief in its heart could be easily viewed in its face. Finally the mother sent her to beg money from all the people who were watching her stunts. The very scene of the begging of the child was really grieveous. Then the Lord spoke with me through the bible verse , which I have writted at the top. I realised then , that the LORD loves this child and have got moved with compassion more than any one else in this world , even more than her father and mother. The lord Jesus christ is the son of the Almighty God . we cannot reach God without the LORD JESUS CHRIST. If you believe him today, he will surely save you from all the problems you are facing now. My dear friend you might be reading this with grief in your heart,...
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