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Love and Great Cook

By sheliahawkins Apr 06, 2011 842 Words
Professor Davis
1 April 2011
My Favorite Person
Growing up I wouldn’t say I had a bad childhood. My mother was somewhat strict, but my sisters and I never went without. Nevertheless, my mother was a hard worker and she made sure we handled our business. My favorite person is my mother because she has always supported me, she’s a great cook, and she can very entertaining.

One of the main reasons I love my mother is because she has always supported me. She was there for me through my “terrible 13’s”. When I was thirteen, I got kicked out of school for fighting. I could tell my mother was disappointed, but she had my back through the whole thing. At first, I didn’t think she believed me about what happened. She tried really hard not to show her disappointment or to fuss at me in front of the principle, but she was really mad. She asked specific questions so she could get a full understanding of the situation. Especially, since I was being kicked out for three days. In the end she did believe me, I still got punished but it wasn’t so bad. Even though it was rough for my mother and me after I turned thirteen she never gave up on me. I developed a serious attitude problem, and it got to the point where she couldn’t tell me anything. I became really mean due to some situations that occurred in my teen years. But my mother continued to try and talk to me and understand what I was going thorough. I was in high school and I started skipping school while my mother was at work. She came home and caught me and my boyfriend a couple of times. I was scared she was going to kill me. I remember she would tell me I better not come home pregnant. Somehow she knew I was pregnant before I did, I really thought she would lose it then, but instead she embraced me with love and did all she could to help me through it.

Not only do I love my mother because she has always supported me but she’s also a great cook. As far back as I can remember my mother has had a passion for cooking. She loves to create new dishes, for she can put a meal together with little effort. She makes the world’s best banana pudding. I always thought she put something special in it. I watched her make it one day, it was so simple. I asked her what the special ingredient is; she would just smile and say “love”. Everything she cooks seems to be made with love. She really loves to feed people. I’ve seen her prepare a dish for people just to say thank you. “Oh my god” the holidays are the best, cause she always show out. I like to sneak in the kitchen and do a taste test, but she would always catch me. Her cornbread dressing is so good, just to smell it makes your mouth water. I will never forget when she learned to make lasagna from scratch, which was actually about a year ago. All the ingredients it took to make it didn’t look so good. But once it was together and done baking, it proved once again what a great cook she is.

While my mother has always supported me and she’s a great cook, her most appealing asset to me is she can be very entertaining. Whenever we have a gathering, she’s the one to liven up the crowd. If there is music playing she likes to grab the closest person to her and just start dancing around the room. Everyone would just laugh or shake his/her hear, but it helped to make everyone feel at home or get in a better mood. She also keeps the conversation interesting; if she thought it she said it. She loves to talk, so there is never a dull moment. One day my little cousin came over with her girlfriend, my mother was asking some weird questions. The way she did it was so comical because she is so innocent when it comes to things like that. She can take thing a little over board sometimes, but she tries to make the best of every situation. She’s a great hostess, and she makes sure everybody get there share and some. Sometimes she makes us gather around the table to say grace, she will call whoever not at the table, before she will move on. It’s entertaining cause most likely there is somebody that doesn’t want to do it, but she will stand there and do a silly little dance. She loves to have her family together.

Even though, we have had our share of drama. My mother is my favorite person. She has always supported me; she’s a great cook; and she can also be very entertaining.

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