Getting Married

Topics: Full-time, Family, Love Pages: 4 (1670 words) Published: October 4, 2005
"Getting Married"

The past three years have been really hard on me. I moved to Columbia when I was in the 10th grade and, I had to totally start over with friends and a new school. My life was simple and I thought I didn't have to worry about anything. I began to see my mom spending a lot of her time with the same guy, and every chance she got she would go see him. I then realized this was much more then a "boyfriend" and that this could lead to a more personal connection. Because of this new relationship developing I began to discover that this could lead to a change in my life. A change that I would never forget and that it would hurt me emotionally for a long time. The very moment my mom told me she was getting married, I realized that she would be leaving town and I would have to change my home. My dad left my mom five years ago for another women. The break-up was hard for everyone, but it wasn't a surprise. Even though he did this horrible thing, he still continued to be in the lives of my brother and I. My mom felt very abandoned; she loved being in a marriage and her religious beliefs were very important to her; like not getting a divorce, or trying to work everything out no matter what. My parents had been married for thirteen years and they had always loved each other, but things were never equal in the marriage. My mom was always doing more than my dad, and I think that was the biggest problem in my parents' relationship. My mom did the cooking, the cleaning, and taking care of the children, all while holding a full time job and going back to school. After the divorce, my mom decided to change her lifestyle, so we sold our house in Sumter to find a new start. Columbia offered a new start, new opportunities and a better environment, so my mom took it. I hated moving to Columbia. I became very stubborn; stopped playing soccer, a sport I knew that would take me somewhere in the future, I totally became secluded to myself and I never talked to...
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