Topics: Love, Attachment theory, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1362 words) Published: December 3, 2013

Is It Love?
Jazmine M Hawkins
Georgia Perimeter College

This paper explores the findings of multiple researchers’ theories of love? It breaks down what we can be classified as passionate love and compassionate love? What does love have to do with your attention span? Some researches define love scientifically saying that love is a production of a mixture of hormones and chemical reactants while others say love is self-defined and can only be judged by a person. Also what type of people does love effect? This paper will break down the findings of these questions. Also what are the psychological effects on not being love and what relation does the topic have upon me.

Is It Love?
We spend our lives craving it, searching for it, and talking about it. Its meaning is felt more than it is clearly expressed. It’s called the greatest virtue. It’s what we call love. So what exactly is love? In scientific terms love is a mixture of sexual hormones and chemical reactions. Everyone else may view love as deep intimacy or attachment to someone. Either way love is a phenomenon that continues to get researched today. What should you look for in defining love? My interest arose to this subject when I started to question myself with past relationships. Ill fall head over heels for a guy and the first thought that came to mind was that I’m in love. When that doesn’t work out I would move on to the next guy, things all go well and all of sudden I feel that sense of love again? I begin to question myself? Is this just a repetition of petty young feelings? Can love be so simple that it can happen over and over again? How do I know if it’s really love, and what is the behavior of falling or being in love.

How would we characterize love today, well its simple. Like vs. Loving. As you know the nature of love has been explored by a number of theorists. Social psychologist Zick Rubin was one of the...

References: Philippa Perry, (2013). How to stay Sane. How do you know when you/re in love?. e.g. 32 (e.g.
2), pp.1
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