Lost Boys/Girls Children of the Sudan

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Diversity refers to the state of fact of being diverse, different, or unlike. In a way that means that everyone is extraordinary, unique, and different. That all of us have talents, gifts, abilities, and experiences that offers us with our own important messages to share. Diversity can also refer to a state in which different and often conflicting views, ideas, items, or objects are accommodated within one system. It is the acceptance and respect for the differecences that different people possesss. I feel that I am diverse just by how I feel and think about things. I noticed that I have different and, sometimes, conflicting points of view with other people, but I am okay with that. Being diverse isn't bad. I can also say I am diverse in how live my life. My way of living my life is different from many others and other's lives are different from everyone else as well. That is diversity it's culture, religion, and ways of thinking. There are many different kinds and they all should learn to coincide with each other. The Lost Boys/Girls of Sudan are said to have been better off in Kenya and I can disagree with that. Those who were resettled here in the United States were offered a better chance to help manage or change the lives of those they care about back home. Many of them used what they experienced, remember, and knew to help better the lives of their countrymen/women. They were given the chance to go to school and find jobs. They were also given the chance to experience a completly different culture than what they are used to. I believe some were better off staying in Kenya though, many of the resettled Lost Boys/Girls began to miss their friends/families and country that some became unstable. I believe the culture shock (diversity) played a large part in that. I have learned that to the Lost Boys/Girls America is the land of opportuniity, with open and friendly people, but that it is also a place where people are overworked, isolated, and that many are...
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