Lord of the Rings

Topics: The Lord of the Rings, Film, Strategic management Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: January 15, 2011
Strategy Bargaining to film lord of the Rings 2011
The case talks about the risks and highly competitive environment faced by the director and his agent in the creation of the block buster movie “lord of the rings”. Lord of the rings has 3 parts they are fellowship of the ring, the two towers, and the return of the king. The case talks about the difficulties and problems faced by peter Jackson who is the director and his agent ken kamins. It was one of the biggest gamble in the movie history because everything with the movie was very uncertain, like the director was a unknown one and to top it the movie was shot 7000miles were the studio executives had little control over what was happening in the set. However at the end lord of rings movie made about US$500million dollars and also winning four Oscars at the end of that year. Lord of the rings became one of the biggest blockbuster and also a very big success story. Industry: Entertainment Industry Sub-industry: Film Industry New entrant: New line To make the movie the rights had to be secured from JRR Tolkien’s novel. Saul zaents who was the producer had brought the rights from Professor Tolkien for a rumored amount of US$15000 before 30years. Jackson’s screen play was nominated for Oscar in 1995 which helped him to have a deal with Harvey who is the head of Miramax. After which Jackson and his agent asked help of Harvey so as to obtain the rights from Saul. Since Harvey and Saul knew each other well, it opened the door for Harvey to buy the rights from Saul at US$3 million. We feel Harvey who is the head of Miramax has a very good bargaining power in this case. Jacksons plan was to make three different movies which would be the trilogy. Without much time Miramax felt the heat of what they were going to do and they felt the proposition was going to be very expensive. Harvey who is the head had gone to Disney so as to ask them to be a partner in the project, which they refused. And when Disney...
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