The Lion King

Topics: The Lion King, Lion, Simba Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: August 13, 2013
In Pride Land that is the habit for the animals of Lion King. The Lion King consist of a ecosystem. That is soon destroyed when Scar (Mufasa's brother) take the position of King. Since King Mufasa died and Simba left, Scar let the hyenas eat all the food source disturbing the food pyramid. The lions are carnivores that eat other animals, but were cautious not to mess the food chain. When Simba left Pride Land, he found Timon and Pumbaa they made Simba change his ways of eating. Simba then turns into an omnivore, eating bugs and animals. When Nala (Simba's childhood friend) was hunting her prey (Pumbaa), Pumbaa calls for Simba to protect him from Nala. Both Nala and Simba soon realize who each other are. Nala realizes that Simba did not die like the all the other lions thought. She describes that their environment was overthrown by Scar.Nala tells Simba about the limiting factor, of how they gotten to a point were the animals had to travel to get food and water. All the lions, the vultures, the scavenger and the hyenas were the competition, because they fight for the same food source. Simba then returns, after he realizes that he should have never left Pride Land. Once Simba returns, everyone thinks that Simba is Mufasa. The lions soon realize that it is Simba. Simba fights Scar, after Scar tells him that he killed his father. Scar tries to pin it on the hyenas, that it was there fault. The hyenas overheard everything that Scar said, Scar then falls from the cliff and the hyenas then do away with him. Simba recovers his rightfully thrown in Pride Land, and marries Nala. Then live a happy life afterward. Producers in the end of the movie are the plants and trees that relive when Simba restores Pride Land. A symbiotic relationship shown in the Lion King are the Lion and the Zebra, the zebra is the main food source and the lion depends on the zebra to survive. Extintietion could occur if the system was disturbed, like in the Lion King....
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