Lord of the Flies

Topics: Human, World War II, Humans Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: March 25, 2013
The Innate Evil that Exists in All Humans
After his participation in World War II, William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies gained a further refined view on human nature. This sudden realization fueled his need to advise humanity on their powerful and inherent wicked nature. Golding Ralph, Piggy, and Simon while a reflection of Golding himself emphasize the truth that savagery exists in every individual and only when that truth is acknowledged will it be controlled. Although Golding was known to be a “timid” and “lonely” person (Garner 1), World War II brought out his exceptional leadership qualities which stress his similarity to Ralph.“During World War II Golding was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy…while carrying out his duties, he ordered the destruction of German ships and submarines and he shelled German troops from sea during the D-Day landings” (William Golding). Golding never quite understood the importance of war; in fact, he detested the idea of it. However, because of his strong commanding nature he always stood out as a prodigious war leader. Golding, therefore, created the character Ralph, whose dominant characteristic is his tendency to lead accompanied with his inexhaustible charisma because he wanted to incorporate some of himself in Ralph whose voice was “loud” and “savage” when it needed to be heard (70). Because Golding lacked charisma, he shaped Ralph to be an extremely charismatic person, therefore creating a more improved Golding. Furthermore, Golding resembles Piggy in many different aspects, by physique and intellect, as well as the hardships he had to face early in his youth. [The] “school’s privileged and preening young men made Golding feel dirty and ashamed…[His] sense of inadequacy never left him” (Garner 1). Likewise, he was often mocked because of his social status, which alienated him even more from society. While Golding was a knowledgeable individual, his extraordinary intellect was never grasped by any of his peers,...
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