Lord of the Flies

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Lord of The Flies week 3
Chapter 7
1. Taunted- to tease someone- Provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks 2. Loiter- to hang around aimlessly- Stand or wait around idly or without apparent purpose 3. Antagonism- hatred- Active hostility or opposition.

4. Impervious- untainted- Not allowing something to pass through; not penetrable. 5. Bravado- persona- A bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress or intimidate. Questions
1. The chant symbolizes a changing from modern and civilized to the opposite. 2. At first, the kids act very civilized. But through-out the book, they begin to be more barbaric. You can tell this because of these reasons. First, Jack becomes obsessed with killing the pigs, and then becomes a bloodthirsty devil. 3. Simon volunteers to run through the forest to tell Piggy that the others won't be back until after dark. Simon doesn't believe that the beast is a physical entity that could harm him, so he knows that there is nothing to fear in the forest. 4. Ralph agrees to go simply to regain his position in the eyes of the group 5. They search for the beast but both boys are terrified when they see the dead parachute man hanging in the dark. Questions for discussion

Ralph wants to become clean and civilized and then later is forced to become uncivilized in order to regain his trustworthiness

Literary devices
The darkness and the dentist’s chair
It makes the dentist chair seem very dark and scary

Chapter Seven ends with Ralph, Jack and Roger climbing to the top of the mountain, where they see the dead body of the pilot but in the darkness they mistake it for the beast.

Writing activity
I believe that jack is turning into a monster and ralph is becoming too soft. But people will start to see that and he will act hard, once the time is right.

Chapter 8
1. Menacing
2. Deride
3. Sanctify
4. Cynical
1. Jack...
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