Lord of the Files Explications

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Part I: Explicate the following quote(s)
1) “What I mean is……. maybe it’s only us.”
-In this quote Simon expresses his thoughts about how the boys have been acting so far in the story. He believes and states that the beast isn’t anything circular, not anything that moves but just them. In a way what he says is true and this shows that Simon is a kind of person that thinks out of the box, he believes that there is a reason for everything and also an answer for all. The beliefs and thoughts of the other characters affect Simon in a more designated way than any other character probably due to the fact that he is more of a sensitive, spiritual type. The beast is becoming the most important part at this point and has begun a time of terror and evil. The beast in them is the sense of savagery, the knowledge of being able to do all they want, the advantage of being in the wild, more or less not being bossed around by anyone. The other boys received the opinion in a more ironic way and harassed him at the thought, even though it is going to come back to bit them.

2) “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of men’s heart, znd the fall through the air of his wise friend, Piggy.” -Ralph is a little on the contrary, where as he should be happy, cheerful to be safe he begins to think about all that has happened and how this has changed him. Ralph now understands what was that happened, he realizes that Piggy was amazing and he let the opportunity pass. Indeed he could picture things being different from how they were. Although the boys are now rescued in comparison to other books who’s endings are joyful and celebration type, Lord of the Flies hade more of a reflexive ending in which the main character Ralph, is left thinking. Ralph is now a changed person, he will look at life through a different aspect, and although people might see this a very bad thing for the boys that experienced this might see it as a positive thing. He knows he will never be...
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