Looking West or Within

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Political Science Project
“Looking West Or Within”

Gujarat National Law University
Submitted by Aastha Mehta

REG NO: 12A003

Political Science Project: “Looking West or Within”

Submitted by Aastha Mehta
Reg No. 12A003
Semester 1 B.A LLB (HONS)

It is my utmost privilege to present this paper to Gujarat National Law University named “LOOKING WEST OR WITHIN”. I sincerely thank Mr. Bimal Patel, Director of our university to give me this wonderful opportunity to discover in depth this subject and to enhance my knowledge. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. William Nunes, our beloved professor of political science for developing my interest in this subject and for giving me the best guidance I could have received. He has been really helpful in providing me with all the information and reading material and I am really pleased to present this paper under his mentorship. My special thanks to all those people who have supported me and made me realize the value of this piece of work in my academic life.

A history of Political thought ( from Plato to Marx) – Subrata Mukherjee and Sushila Ramaswamy Ancient history of India ( Manusmriti revisited) – Dr. Charles J. Naegele Caste & Class in India – G.S Ghurye

Caste in India – J.L Hulton
India from Curzon to Nehru and after –Durga Das
Indian Nationalist Movement and Thought – V.P.S Raghuvanshi Introducing Plato ( a graphic guide) – Dave Robinson and Judy Groves Marxism in India from decline to debacle – Kiran Maitre
Modern Indian Political Thought – Bidyut Chatterjee and Rajendra Kumar Pandey Nation & its Fragments – Partha Chatterjee (Princeton University) Political Thinkers ( from Socrates to the present) Second Edition, Edited by David Boucher & Paul Kelly

Religion versus Science – Ron Frost
The story of Philosophy – Will Durant

Websites referred:

Taking in light the current political bedlam happening in the world assessing the direction in which our country India has taken is the need of the hour. This study is planned and designed to analyze whether the ideals which our political forefathers had sown in us have actually germinated into correct way of ruling/governance or are we trying to caricaturize our own thinking and looking towards west for suggestions. The objective of this research is to look at the metamorphic nature of the Indian politics and how the western philosophy has shaped it but also has transformed our original political structure. The centre of study is taking different thinkers and philosophers as vertex, define their concepts and see the tantamount it has created. The research has been conveyed in the descriptive and analytical manner to give the reader the essence of the actual path that should be undertaken and the path which Indian system has adopted.

Chapter 1- Concept of State and Government
1.1 Significant theory of states
1.2 Plato’s conception of State
1.3 Natural law and Christianity
1.4 Concept of State at the time of French Revolution
Chapter 2- Indian Thought of Political theory
2.1 Kautilya’s administration techniques
2.2 The concept at the time of Mughal administration
2.3 Early Nationalist Movement ( discusses Dayanand Saraswati, Jyotiba Phule and Ram Manohar Roy) 2.4 The different movements which came up in the society at the British rule ( Backward Cates ,Movement, Peasant Movement, Women’s Movement) Chapter 3- The way which our country has taken

A debate yet to be concluded: Is India on right track as far its political thought is concerned? Note: THE TOPICS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN KEEPING IN MIND THE PAGE CONSTRAINT AND THEREFORE A VERY CONCISE VIEW IS PROVIDED FOR EVERY CHAPTER....
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