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BMA799 Strategic Management Semester 2, 2006

The lecturing team responsible for this unit will be:

Mr Peter Dixon (Unit Coordinator)
Room: A245 (Launceston) Phone: 6324 3329 Email: Peter.Dixon@utas.edu.au

Mr Wayne O’Donohue
Room: 301 (Hobart) Phone: 6326 1713 Email: Wayne.ODonohue@utas.edu.au


Introduction to the Unit
The study of strategic management involves an analysis of the factors which govern the success or otherwise of an organisation operating in contemporary society. The analysis includes an examination of factors external to the organisation which may either threaten its operations, or provide opportunities for development, and internal factors which either strengthen or weaken its capacity to develop, and perhaps, ultimately, to survive. An examination is made of an organisation’s core competencies and its ability to take advantage of opportunities in a highly competitive global environment. Management decision making at the strategic level, which determines the future direction of the organisation is examined with a view to judging whether implementation, control and evaluation is feasible. The principles underlying the study of strategic management are applicable to both profit-making and nonprofit making organisations.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this unit, you should be able to: • • • • Have knowledge and understanding of the main theories, concepts and frameworks relating to strategy in organisations Be able to analyse factual situations presented in case studies and apply to that analysis those main theories, concepts and frameworks Be able to conceptualise and articulate strategy in terms of the complexity and uncertainty facing business organisations Be able to critically evaluate the usefulness and relevance of existing theories, concepts and frameworks in dealing with issues in strategic management

Generic Graduate Attributes
The University has defined a set of generic graduate attributes (GGAs) that can be expected of all graduates (see http://www.utas.edu.au/tl/policies/index.htm). By undertaking this unit you should make progress in attaining the following attributes: Knowledge • To enable you to understand and explain central theory in strategic management • To help you in applying strategic management principles to present of future work experiences • To enable you to integrate conceptual approaches to strategic management and write real world experiences Communication Skills • Demonstrate written communication • Present well reasoned arguments • Listen to and evaluate the views of others Problem Solving Skills • Conceptualise problems and formulate a range of solutions • Identify critical issues facing real world organisations • Find, acquire, evaluate and use relevant information using a range of resources Global Perspective • Demonstrate an awareness of the local and global context of strategic management issues


Social Responsibility • Acknowledge the social and ethical responsibilities of organisations and the link to strategy formation and implementation

Prescribed Text
de Wit, B. & Mayer, R. 2004. Strategy: Process, content, context. London: Thomson Learning.

School Publications
Students must obtain the following electronic publications which are available from the School of Management website: http://www.utas.edu.au/mgmt/student.htm Writing Assignments: A Guide School of Management Referencing Style

Recommended Reading
The publications listed below are highly recommended for further reading on the topics covered in the unit.

Belanger, J., Berggra, C., Bjorkman, T. & Kohler K. 2000. Being local worldwide. Cornell University Press: USA. Chandler, A., Hagstrom, P. & Solvell, O. 2000. The dynamic firm. O.U.P: USA. Clegg, S., Hardy, C. & Nord, W. 1996. Handbook of organisation studies. London: Sage. Costain, H. (Ed.). 1998. Readings in strategic management. Sydney: Dryden. Francis, I....
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